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March 16, 2012


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Fri Mar 16, 2012, 10:24 PM


Are you kidding me? Fuck you Olympics.
I just learned that they are being held in London this summer.... And where am I trying to go this summer? Yep you guessed it. England... Flying into London. But thanks to lame fucking sports I have to try and save even more money to get there. Roughly $1,500 I need if not more when it gets closer to the date, but by the end of this year I will get there! I will see my man! :salute:

May seem silly but most of you don't know how this man saved me...
Saved me from my depression, my long dark depression. I need him. At least hold him for a couple of months is worth it to me before I have to return to the sad world and struggle to get technology to work so we can cam together each day, not to mention the 6 hour difference doesn't help... :( *sigh*

Sooo commissions OPEN! Need to save money! RAAAAAWR!
Also artwork for sale at the end of this journal!

Click for Commission Info!
lilBadge_Commissions Open by AkaTsukiSakuya lilBadge_Trades Closed by AkaTsukiSakuya

*Currently working on:
DeadNighteArt - ACEO (trade)
Snow-Body - Fan art (gift)
AkuaSeaWolf - 3 Tattoos (paid
AkuaSeaWolf - 2 ACEOS (paid)
FlareKoshiru - 1 Tattoo (paid)
Famicom25 - ACEO (paid)
Bartman94 - 2 Tattoos (paid half)
Evianmoon - 2 Pokemon Icons (waiting payment)
fatedperson - Pokemon Icon (paid)

Finished & Waiting part from:
thebeastinme - Youko (ACEO trade)
Forever-Nocturne - Revamped Nocturne (trade)

*PLEASE! Do not ask for trades or requests on this journal! Go look at my commission info to know what I'm available to do right now...
Thank you! :squee:


:pointr: I'm selling my traditional art pieces! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!
Also, please feel free to note me about ANY of my artwork you are interested in buying and we will work out a price!
* Note me if you are interested in a piece. All pieces will ship from Virginia, besides Watercolor wolf will ship from Wyoming. PRICES ARE DEBATABLE....

:pointr: Prices below don't necessarily include shipping: shipping is about $10
Autumn Wolf - $40…
Watercolor Wolf - $12…
Northern Lights - $10…
Husky Painting - $20…
Hungry Like A Wolf - $20…
There are 4 original print-makings available for Hungry Like A Wolf. *each may vary*

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AkuaSeaWolf Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
Aww... I know your pain... No really I do... I also have dealt with a darkness deep inside me... Putting on a mask to keep everyone happy... but me... Then I met them... and everything changed. They helped me find my light again after so many years.. and we both found real love with each other... I'm also trying to save money to go see them this summer.. I live in Virginia, they live in oregon... *sigh* so far away...
Parents are too over protective ans saying "They could be fooling you!" but we talk, text, or skype everyday..
I love them with all my heart, and I won't ever let them go... never.. and once I'm 18 and going to a college near them, then i can truly live with them. Forever and ever...
sage2434 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wish i had money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DansuDragon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
If you go to London then you'll only be a few hours away from me! :dummy:
Peace-Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
Ahhh where ya live!? I'll be flying into London but driving up to err Northumberland area? :XD:
DansuDragon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I live in Birmingham! It's a train ride or two away from London!
Peace-Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
AHH! I'll make him take me! HEHE! :XD: YAY! Never been on a train before!
DansuDragon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Lol yaaay!!! Peace and Dragon will meet!! Peace-Dragon will be born!!

I used to get one back from college but it was literally a 5 minute ride.
Peace-Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
ArticWolfie Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When I learned that it was In London I just died. My body core temperature whent up to about 50 C and my brain was fried. It was the first world case of death by anger. :pissedoff:
Peace-Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
I don't watch it ^^; unless I'm at my friend's house then I watch the swimming lol
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